From your second month of practicing at the studio you should have your own mat, which you should take home periodically to air and wash. Please don’t leave your mat in the centre if you stop attending as we try not to accumulate mats that aren’t being used!


Note that you shouldn’t eat before the morning practice and in the afternoon you shouldn’t consume any food for three hours prior to the class.


For the morning practice we advise you to shower at home beforehand as this helps to warm up the body.


The shower in the centre is at the disposal of students, who can use it after the practice. Those who do should bring their own toiletries (towel, soap etc.). Please keep showers short out of consideration for the person waiting to shower after you.


It is of the utmost importance that you keep the teacher informed, preferably before the class, of any kind of pain you are experiencing.


The ideal clothing to wear for practicing yoga is fabric made from (or at least primarily) cotton and which is not very thick. We advise you to bring a small towel to classes.


Please respect the class start and finish times and keep in mind the school closing times.  



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